Genital Herpes and Dating

Once you have found out you have in fact got genital herpes you may go through an array of different emotions. You may feel dirty, unloved, depressed, hopeless or even avoid close contact with people. STOP! These emotions are not going to help you. They will only make you feel worse. Having genital herpes is not the end of the world, though when you first find out it may feel like it.

1 in 8 people have Genital Herpes

Your not going to die from having genital herpes, it doesn’t even have to effect your life if you learn how to suppress it. The statistics are huge, 1 in 8 people have genital herpes. 1 in 8!! So when you go shopping next and you pass 8 people as you walk, one of those people have the same thing you do. At a party or a gathering of people, look around you and count how many people are there. If there is 32 people, 4 of them have genital herpes. Its astounding. But with this in mind, it means your not alone and your not the minority either. Millions of people have herpes. 

Dating with Genital Herpes

Having herpes doesn’t mean you have to stop dating. It just means you have to take a little more care. Learn to listen to your bodies signs and symptoms. Know when you can be intimate and when you can’t. You will know.In fact I believe having herpes helps you get to know the true character of a person. This is my experience. It saved me from almost marrying the wrong man. If I hadn’t had Genital Herpes I wouldn’t have seen his true colors so fast. So I am thankful.

How to date with Genital Herpes?

Dating doesn’t really change when you have genital herpes. It stays basically the same. Only difference is, when you become serious with someone, you need to tell them that you have genital herpes.

Until you become serious with someone, you don’t really need to disclose everything to them. You may say this is deceitful, but I disagree. We all have our secrets, and most people don’t go around on their first date telling them to a person they just met. 

Once you know them better, and you have decided you want to have a relationship with them. Then you MUST disclose you have genital herpes. Its one thing to not tell someone something right away, but it’s another not to tell someone an important piece of information that can effect them. Be honest with them, and once you have told them it will show you their true colors and if they are worth having a relationship with.

Please remember, every person will take this information differently. So be understanding also. If they need a little time to compute the information, give it to them happily.

However if they are nasty, mean or start treating you different, don’t put up with it and move on. You deserve to be loved and adored, remember that!

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Dating other people with Genital Herpes

Some people find it easier to date and met others who have genital herpes. If you’re one of these people, please see below for a list of websites where you can meet other with herpes:

World Wide:
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Global STD Community & Social Network

Australia specific:

Canada Specific: