Feb 21, 2012

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The Search Within

Take a moment to listen to your heart,
to read in the back of its beat;
the Love that you are able to offer.
Open the doors of your soul and found buried in its depths;
the happiness that you can give
that your selfishness kills in your deepness.

Counts the clicks of your heart
Like those of a clock,
you will find in each of them,
An isolated dull star, sad and lonely.

A star tarnished by your hypocrite and selfish heart.
Go inside your soul like in a church,
And in this place of peaceful asylum.

Search in each erased memory;
you may find a grain of love
who survived the storms of your troubled life.

Search in every dead dream;
You may find a piece of love
that your heart knows no more …
Search you’ll surely find your soul weakened
Who says to you “love your neighbour. “…

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Feb 21, 2012

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Missing U

In the moon that shines,
in each sunrise,
In the darkness of the night,
In each tick of the clock…

I’ll see you in the wind that blows,
and herbs wavering here and there;
I’ll see your beautiful eyes of a buffalo.
I’ll see you in my prayers to Allah.

In every eye filled with goodness,
In each gesture covered with Love;
I’ll feel your happy heart
This heart that misses my days …

I’ll see you in the bottom of my deserted soul
and in the scent of my green roses.
I’ll see you in every drop of rain
and in each beautiful music to my ears.

In each flies crow that I’ll enjoy contemplating.
I’ll see you in the depth of waters
where my voice can’t be heard.

I’ll see you on the wings of sorrows,
In every word of my prayer to God.
And in the bottom of my mourning broken heart
I will keep memories of our old happiness.

I’ll see you in the illusion of my dreams,
In each image that is preserved in my memory.
In the quietness and sleepless nights,
and in my saddest times..

I’ll see you in the lines on my poems,
in the girdle of my writing,
and in the thick haze
of the pain I live with…

Where ever you are,
In whatever world;
I’ll see you with my dumb eyes
And with voice of my heart, I will make a wish…

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