Jun 9, 2012

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It is embarrassing this way!!!!

In my country Tanzania we have a radio program where people get the opportunity to sent short messages via phone and even write letters trying to find their lost one who are; friends and family members.

I take little time to follow the program due to my schedule but one day I got home early than my usual time and I tuned on to the station and realized the program was on air. My surprise was that from all the messages sent, 90% were from young people who are desperate and looking for their parents, some haven’t met either of their parents since they were born. It is worse that 99% of them are looking for their fathers.

Clearly it indicates how men have become irresponsible to an extent of running away from their responsibilities after impregnating young girls some times or even their wives they abandon their children.

This has been the main course of the rise of street children inmost of the African countries. It’s quite unfortunate to see such kind of barbaric acts done by MEN!!! Why do men become such irresponsible to that extent???? Does it mean they can’t take care of their children or they are just playing dirty games around with women????

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